Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ode to the Galaxy Note 2

Oh Galaxy Note 2, how I do love thee.  Finally, I have a phone that fits in my Yeti-like paws.  With you I have a 5.5 inch screen that is capable of showing actual size images of the shots of my junk that I like to upload to /b/ (okay, okay...I could do that on the screen of my old Captivate too, but this screen makes it really POP).  Your massive battery lets me actually use you all day long without needing to plan out the location of every electrical outlet that may be in the vicinity of my travels.  I mean REALLY use you, to play games or watch silly cat videos, and not just keep you on standby in my pocket.  And with your LTE I can watch those cat videos instantly or just continuously stream Battlestar Gallactica from Netflix with nary a stutter.

Now it's true, Samsung did cripple you with poorly written code and then didn't provide the source for that code so that actual smart people could fix the issues.  They also may have possibly left a security hole you couldn't plug with a Kardashian's ass in the kernel. But hey, who's keeping track?  At least they didn't go the Apple route and call it a "feature" and tell you that security vulnerabilities are the new big thing because our phones should be as vulnerable as we are to make a better world.  Instead, a simple "Did we do that?" in their best Korean Urkel voice came down from the top of Mt. Sammy.

Still, you're my very favorite phone.  I shall call you Vera.

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