Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Product Review: Humidor Notes

Since I plan on sacrificing the integrity of my lungs for the good of the site I decided it would be a good idea to, at least, keep a record of my cigar adventures.  After looking around in the intarwebs, I found Humidor Notes.  These nice, pocket sized companions let you document all of the standard qualities of the cigars you smoke (like ring gauge, wrapper type, and aroma) as well as the more social aspects (were you with friends, what were you eating and drinking at the time) for posterity.

A page from the Humidor Notes journal.

Many of the other journals I found have a spot to save the label from your cigar.  Often times, these are wonderfully designed works of art themselves.  What sets the Humidor Notes apart here is the fact that they include an envelop of glue dots to aid you in securing the labels.  This lets you put the label in your journal at any time without needing to find a glue stick or some double-sided tape.  A few other nice touches are the ruler and ring gauge guide that are on the inside of the back cover.  This takes the guess work out of your note taking.

The included glue dots along with the ring gauge guide and ruler.

Each journal allows you to keep notes on up to thirty-two cigars and you get three journals for $12.95 + shipping.  And for those who keep track, Humidor Notes are made in the U.S.A.

The portability of the journal, along with the information it allows you to keep, make it almost as essential as a good torch and cutter are to the serious cigar smoker.  I plan on getting good use out of my Humidor Notes and suggest you do the same.

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